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Confectioner Sunflower
Scientific Name: Helianthus annuus

Girasol Confitero / Confectioner Sunflower

Argentina is one of the three largest producers of sunflower in the world. The great land of the Pampas and a suitable climate, provide ideal conditions for the cultivation of this oilseed.

The main feature of confectioner sunflower is its large size and low fat content. Its seeds -black with white stripes- are edible, tasty and nutritious. The nugget is lightly attached to the shell, which facilitates the process of shelling. Referred to as INSHELL, the larger confectioner sunflower seeds are sold directly in the shell. They are seeds of a more oval shape, black with gray or white streaks.

Seeds vary according to size and are normally classified by the diameter, for which screens or round hole gauges are used. The product’s name is based on the diameter, not only in inches but also in millimeters:
The most commercially traded (expressed in inches with millimeter equivalent in brackets) are:
24/64 (9,54 mm)
22/64 (8,73 mm)
20/64 (7,94 mm)
16/64 (6,35 mm)

Humidity: 10,0% Maximum
Kernels broken / damaged: 2,0% Maximum
Damage by Insects: 0,3% Maximum
Decoloration: 1% Maximum
Unknown Materials: 2,0% Maximum
Fall due to Shaking: 10,0% Maximum
Insects: Free
Presentation: Paper or Poly Paper bags of 20 kgrs

Grain Popcorn
Scientific Name: Zea mays

Maíz Pisingallo / Popcorn

Our country is the world's largest exporter of grain popcorn and the second largest producer, behind the United States, which nearly doubles the production of Argentina but has a large domestic consumption of around 90% of its total production.

Argentina has been growing in volume and quality of production in recent years and today is recognized worldwide as a reliable supplier of quality product that continues to grow in consumption year after year and is exported to more than eighty countries on five continents.

Grain popcorn is entirely intended for human consumption, whether preparing it at home or as a pre-made product, it is industrially prepared for microwave cooking. It is consumed as a snack and, in Argentina in particular, its consumption is widespread in public places such as cinemas and bars, but not as much in homes. Because of this cultural pattern and its low population, the Argentine domestic market is not significant and inversely to that of the United States, Argentina exports almost 95% of its production.

Description: Smell characteristic of the grain, free from strange smells, orange to yellow depending on the hybrid, and free of foreign matter. NO GMOs
Expansion: 38/40 - 40/42 y 42/44
Gauge (K10): 65-75 grains every 10 grams
Explosion: Minimum 98%
Humidity: Maximum 14,5%
Presentation: Paper bags 10 Kg / 20 Kg / 50 pounds and 25 Kg. Polypropylene bags of 50 Kg. Big bags de 1.000 Kg

Scientific Name: Coriandrum sativum

Coriandro / Coriander

Coriander is an annual herb of the family Apiaceae (formerly called Umbelliferae). It is the only species of the genus Coriandrum, which is also the only member of the tribe Coriandreae.

Its origin seems uncertain, though generally considered native to northern Africa and southern Europe. Its seeds, whole or ground, are used for flavoring and adding aroma to food and beverages. It is the main ingredient in curry.

Humidity: 12%
Strange bodies: 0.5%
Halves: 5%
Presentation: polypropylene bags of 25 kgs

Green Peas
Scientific Name: Pisum sativum

Arvejas / Green Peas

The pea is an herbaceous plant of the family (Leguminosae), slightly climbing and vine-like, it is typical of the Mediterranean basin, though it is widespread in the world.

It is grown for its small seeds that, like the plant itself, has different names, depending on the region, guisante, chícharo or arveja, are just a few, though in English they are referred to as green peas and are valued for human consumption.

Size: 4 - 7 mm
Strange bodies: Maximum 1% inedible grains 3% Beige / discolored maximum of 3%
Cracked or Broken Grains / Split: 2% Maximum
Presentation: Polypropylene bags of 30 and 50 kg or 1000 kg big bags

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