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The Federation of Federate Cooperatives Ltda. FECOFE - was formed on the 29th of September 2006, in the framework of the 94º Conference of the Agrarian Federation of Argentina.

The creation of this space determines the representation of the cooperatives and connected associations and or with similar identity.

The nature of FECOFE is to seek added value, whereby, creating tools capable of demonstrating that the social economy brings together the conditions of participation, management, and competitiveness necessary in order to advance in the linking of the different chains. FECOFE’s rationale is to guide efforts under the paradigm of integrative strategies and competitive implementation of sustainable business, without their members losing their autonomy.

Since 2006, FECOFE has been coordinating of a variety of cooperative experiences to build the new Cooperatives Agriculture and Agri-Food of the Siglo XXI. Currently they count on over 30 partners across the country and many others in the process of association, representing a broad spectrum of socio-productive realities.

In 2011 FECOFE began a new phase, represented by multiple changes, first, a new Board of Directors, and secondly, the opening of a new headquarters in the heart of the city of Rosario.

In this brand new period of FECOFE the premise was, and continues to be, consolidating a closer link with the associated cooperatives. Hence, a range of actions in pursuit to meet and interact with cooperatives based on accumulated experiences, analyzing the synergistic process of joint work.

FECOFE emphasizes their actions based on cooperative values proving to be a model of the social economy, thriving in their implementation of added value and Inter-cooperation.

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Sede Central FECOFE: Montevideo 1680 (2000) Rosario Argentina • Tel.: +54 341 4266325 •
Oficina Comercial Buenos Aires: Av. Leandro N. Alem 822 (C1001AAQ) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires Argentina